Avoid these 4 costly problems by having your gutters Professionally Maintained

Cleaning gutters is likely at the bottom of your priority list. There are many other things you’d rather do like working on your garden, playing with your kids, or just enjoying the few short months of nice weather that we get in Minnesota each year.

You may think that clogged gutters are not that important to deal with. It’s an arduous task and, can often be slippery/un-safe work climbing up and down to get your gutters clean.

But every year homeowners experience water damage or flooding that could have been avoided if your gutters had been working properly. Here are United Home Services Top 4 home problems that can be caused by clogged gutters:

1. Damage Wooden Fascia

Standing water is heavy within the gutters (8 pounds per gallon) which can result in the gutter brackets to pull away from wood fascia that it is attached to, damaging the wood. We see many houses every year, especially old homes that have rotten fascia caused by gutters packed full of debris and overflowing water.

2. Damage to your Roof

When water backs up in your gutters, the edge of your roof surface and the underlying materials such as wood sheeting can be damaged by the constant contact with water. This causes the wood and surface material to rot and become weak. Eventually the surface and the wood underneath will have to be replaced.

3. Damage to Foundations, Landscaping, Walls, and Windows

Your foundation supports your entire home. Water that pours over the gutter edges as a result of being clogged will fall onto windows, walls, landscaping and whatever else is below. Excessive water contact here can cause your foundation to leak, shift, crack or even sink. Free flowing gutters and downspouts will properly carry water away from your home and foundation to points where it can be absorbed into the ground. Your landscaping also suffers when this excess water falls on trees, plants and flowers. Too much water directed in one spot can be a bad thing!

4. Ice Dams

Gutters that are neglected during the spring, summer and fall months are not able to drain water as they are designed to do. This standing water quickly turns to ice when temps drop into the freezing range. This ice is heavy, and can start to pull gutter systems away from the fascia causing extensive damage. It can also accelerate ice formation on the shingles that result in water leaking into the home. We receive many calls in the winter to safely steam away these ice dams, and much of it can be mitigated or prevented with proper maintenance.

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